Friday, 25 January 2013

My Story. How it started...

Salaams ladies it seems like forever since I’ve been on here sorry! Anyway today’s post is about how I started wearing hijab and my story, some of it is a little personal but hey I don’t mind sharing it with you guys. X

So, since I was younger I’ve always wanted to wear one but wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to do it for my parents sake or with the full intention from my heart. I went through a phase wear I started wearing hijab at school (around year 9) and then I would keep taking it off and putting it back on. I knew this was wrong but something at that time was telling me it was fine: / a year and a half later I started wearing the abaya to school. I actually loved wearing both of them, it made so happy, I felt amazing and loved how it was showing modesty and I realised how everyone would treat me with the utter most respect. I loved how I was covered and wasn’t turning heads; I loved how it showed simplicity an all. But then sadly and unfortunately I took off the abaya and gradually I took my hijab off also. My mum had always told me it was up to me and if I did wear hijab it would benefit me. As I started college the first couple of months I was considering wearing the hijab again, I didn’t know if this is what I wanted and I didn’t know if I was going to do for this real. I didn’t want to keep taking it off and set myself as a bad role model to others.
 After these couple of months, something (which I don’t know what) hit me hard. Hit me so hard that Alhamdulillah I didn't have to think twice about wearing hijab. I literally was sat in my room, on the floor looking else were. I remember getting up with so much excitement and happiness and ran down stairs. I told my mum I want to do this for real and with the correct intention. I told her I don’t want to do this for you but I want to do it Allah, S.W.T. I had so much enthusiasm in me and this time I knew this is what I wanted. I knew I had to make a couple of tweaks here and there but it was fine. Ever since those days I’ve know in my heart that Insha’Allah it will remain until time. and now, Alhamdulillah I absolutely love my hijab, I get so much compliments, so much respect, feel so much better about myself and all but not, it shows modesty. You just get that feeling of happiness in your heart and instantly it makes you someone completely different. But you get use to it: D >_<

 Insha'Allah we all get given the hidaya to wear the beautiful hijab.
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Love, Your Hijabi

Monday, 7 January 2013

It's haul time ladies :)

Salaams ladies I hope your all keeping well Insha’Allah. Am ever so sorry I haven’t blogged in a while as I’ve been catching up with college work and stuff. Anyway, for the first time I never went Boxing Day shopping!? Weird I know right? I did a little bit of online shopping and then went after New Year’s. I picked up a couple of items, some which I am extremely excited about and most of the items are pretty basic and standard. Without any further ado I’ll show you some pictures and tell you everything about them and were I purchased them from! Enjoy :) xx

Sunglasses- River Island.
Was £10
I got for £2 :)

Dark Red Jeans- River island
Was £35
I Got for £15
Red wallet- River island
Was £10
I Got for £5

Black (Black) Black Rib Collar Melton Coat  | 246657901 | New Look

Black coat- New look
Was- £44.99
I Got for- £15

Both lynx shower gift sets (For my dad&Brothers:) - Boots
Was £6 each
I Got for £3 each

No7 5x Zoom Mirror- Boots
Was £40-£45
I Got for £15.99 :):)

Huggies Baby Wipes- Boots
I Got for £1 :)

Random Paper chase notebook :)
Was £6.50
I Got for £3.25 

Black (Black) Black Cross Strap Wedge Pumps | 248546001 | New Look

Black Cross Strap Wedges- New Look
Was £19.99
I Got for- £10:):)


Jewel Glitter Nail Paint – Yellow Topaz

Barry M Glitter Nail Paint- Boots
Was £2.99
I Got for £2.99 :)

So guys, there it is. I got some pretty good deals and hope you did to. Hope you enjoyed it and let me know what you brought it in the sales :)
Love, Your Hijabi 

Monday, 31 December 2012

How I Organise My Hijabs x

Salaam Ladies, I thought I would share with you guys how I organise my hijabs. I don't have the neatest or the most tidiest way of storing them, but this is a way which I find convenient for me. I'll briefly talk about what types of hijabs they are and other cool things about them :) x

So this is how I started of :)
Literally threw all of my hijabs on my bed.
Pile your hijabs in different types, style, material i.e Pashmina,  maxi
hijabs etc.
Here are a few random pictures of different types of hijabs
and thought it maybe helpful if you knew the material of the
^^Pashmina- I like to wear these on a daily basis^^.

I don't know what you guys would call these, but these
are the types I would wear to weddings/occasions as they are
shiny/glittery/fancy etc. 
I also like to wear these on a daily basis, as they are comfortable
to throw on. 
I have been loving these maxi hijabs recently as they sit
so well on my head and give good volume.
And this is how I stored some of my hijabs- flat under bed
boxes purchased from Wilkinson :) I Keep my daily hijabs at the top
so i can easily reach for them.
Finally, neatly stored away under my bed.

 I hope you found this post useful and helpful. Please do leave comments below if you have any questions or anything. Until next time...

Love, Your Hijabi

Simple & Casual/ OOTD

So, a couple of days back I went a local restaurant with a couple of friends and I thought it'd be interesting to show you what I wore. It was nothing fancy, but was rather comfortable. Oooh & BTW, I wore leggings and a long top under my abaya because it was quite cold in the evening.

Blazer- Next
Abaya- Saudi Arabia
Hijab- Local shop/Greenlane Rd
Watch- Newlook
Brown ring- H&M
Both silver rings- Swarovski 

Coco Chanel

Love this,

Love Your Hijabi